Frequently Asked Questions
What are your fees?
Our fees are contengency based. If we are unable to gain eligibility for you then there are no fees.
If you are eligible, our fee is 25%.
The minimum fee for a successful application is $500.00 + HST.
Do you offer free consultation?
Are there ongoing fees for future years?
There are no ongoing fees.
Is there a fee if I need to re-apply?
Yes there is a small fixed fee to process a new application.
Can I receive the Disability Tax Credit if employed?
Yes everyone that is entitled to receive the credit can do so regardless of their employment status. We have clients that work full, part-time, and some that are unable to work.
Does my income affect my eligibility?
Income does not affect eligibility in any way.
Why choose Disability Tax Results?
Our primary, Peter Curtis, is a Paralegal graduate with honors who has over 15 years of medical based representation experience. This experience and education has provided the tools needed to be effective at written medical appeals.
I've been denied the Disability Tax Credit what should I do now?
Come in for a free consultation with all your documents and get a no cost assessment of your situation.

For further information or help please contact us.