Peter Curtis
Peter graduated as a Paralegal with Honours from Humber College in 2010 and has been providing medical based legal representation for 20 years. He has represented hundreds of clients in their files before the WSIB, and has provided representation in many civil cases. Peter’s long standing work in medical representation combined with his legal experience allows clients the full and competent assistance they deserve.
Terri Cutts
Administrative Assistant
You’re never too old to learn. After working at the bank for 34 years, I was downsized and given an early retirement package. I decided I was too young to retire and wanted to try something new. Going from a large impersonal corporation to an intimate group has definitely been a great move. I am looking forward to helping Peter’s team help you to get what you are entitled to. I love photography, and I make jewelry in my spare time.
221 Woodlawn Rd West, Suite B3
Guelph, ON.
Canada, N1H 8P4