At Disability Tax Results, our focus is on applications that have been denied, even multiple times, or files that are difficult or unique.

We specialize in writing objections. If you have been denied and are not sure what your next step is, call us for a free 15 minute consultation to review your options.

In the spring of 2023 we were part of a release of a new initiative to automate the Disability Tax Credit application process. Benefits2 was over 2 years in the making and has been used successfully by many clients. We recognized that many people did not need our in-depth hands on approach, but still needed some level of guidance through the process. This was a major reason why Benefits2 was created.

Also, this 16 page application can take significant time for a medical practitioner to complete. We respect their time and want to do our part to decrease their time spent on paperwork while increasing the chances of success.

Our CEO Peter Curtis was instrumental in the development of the process, using his 12 years of DTC representation experience in thousands of files to create the wording needed for your application to be successful.

If you have never applied before, this process is now simple. Go to and go through the pre-qualification questions. If it is felt that you have a legitimate chance of being approved, then you will be asked more questions only about your relevant impairments.

If you opt to go through the process on you own, the cost is $99 +tax.

In the event that you need some guidance through the process, that can be done for $149 +tax. A live person will assist you through the questions and provide any clarity needed.

If you don’t have a doctor that can sign the application, we will provide access to a physician to review your application provided you have medical documents to support your impairments.

After you answer all the questions, you will be emailed an application that has been prefilled with wording that was written by Peter Curtis.

Disability Tax Results is here to handle your appeals at a hourly rate. Most files take between 6-8 hours to appeal.
For more info on this please go to our fee section.

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Disability Tax Credit - Requirements & Benefits

You may be eligible for Disability Tax Credits and deductions if you are diagnosed with a disability, are a supporting family member, or caregiver.

To apply for the DTC a Form T2201 must be completed. A medical practitioner needs certify that the disability is severe and prolonged and its effects must be described. DTC approval must be re-confirmed when the previous period of approval comes to an end or the CRA requires it.

Benefits2 provides the method to preparing a successful application, but you must still have a medical practitioner sign the application to verify your impairments.

If approved, you may be eligible for a tax reassessment to receive benefits dating back up to ten years. That will depend on your income tax returns and how much income tax you paid, if any.

If you need it, Disability Tax Results will calculate and submit all your various retroactive credits. There may be more available other than the DTC alone. For $69 +tax per year we will do all your past adjustments and get you caught up.

Outside the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) benefit itself, we work with specialists concerning other disability benefits you may receive including the RDSP. This helps ensure that your situation is handled with the highest quality and will get back the maximum returns available.

Learn more about Disability Tax Results at our About page.

Find out more about our services and the steps required to begin your assessment on our Services page.

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